About Us

Californians for Mattress Recycling is an ad hoc group representing stakeholders united in their support for efficient and practical mattress recycling. Recycling conserves resources by using old mattress materials to make new products.  It also reduces the cost and logistical burdens that used mattresses place on government, businesses and the solid waste disposal sector. We endorse creating an industry-led group to organize an efficient mattress recycling program that harnesses existing infrastructure to minimize the environmental and financial impact of transporting used mattresses to recyclers.  That system should provide incentives to those who collect used and discarded mattresses for recycling to increase the volume of recycled mattresses and alleviate the harm from illegal mattress dumping. These efforts will reduce the environmental impact of used mattresses, foster economies of scale that benefit all stakeholders, and serve as a model for a federal solution to used mattress recycling.

About the bill

The bill (SB 254) will strike a balance that incentivizes Californians to recycle used mattresses, thus easing the burden on our landfills and communities, while retaining valuable employers, creating new jobs and business opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about the specifics of the proposed legislation.

Read the SB 254 fact sheet and the SB 254 FAQ’s to learn more.